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Jamaican Intensity Media was started by Anthony Grant on a boring day. He wanted something to do and he used this medium to entertain himself. Anthony later realized that with his deep passion for photography, he could transform this pass time into a real business that would be beneficial for others. Eventually, he saw where others enjoyed his work and he continued along with his friend Delano Berthram. Grant and Berthram realized they could not work alone as photographers, so they decided to recruit a few close friends to be apart of the team. This team consists of photographers and videographers who assisted and lead him to develop his skills. The team saw where there was a need for central broadcast medium on social media and capitalized on that. The company began growing tremendously because of the content being posted.

Meet Our Team

Anthony Grant started Jamaican Intensity Media in August 2015, as a social media promotional company along with Delano Berthram. In September 2016, he made his first stride in photography and videography. As a young photographer, he faced many challenges in terms of learning on his own, as well as rejection from fellow photographers. He volunteered at many events to gain experience and to develop his skills.

Anthony always had an eye for pictures which his mother noticed at a young age. As a child, he would walk around the house using his hands like a camera to capture pictures. His sister noticed his passion for photography and bought him his first camera when he was twelve years old. His personal motto then, and now is “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” -Hebrews 11:1.

~Roles: Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager.

As a young child Delano was very interested in photography; he was always running off with his mother’s phone trying to take pictures of the cats and dogs. There was never a time that he would be alone and his mother’s phone wouldn’t be in his hands. Delano’s mother saw his love for photography and bought him a small camera shortly after. Ever since, his love for photography has been growing. Delano used this passion for photography as a drive which in turn led him to contribute to the initial development of the company, alongside his best-friend, Anthony.

His personal motto is “Perstare et Praestare” which means Persevere and Excel; the motto of Clarendon College, his Alma Mater.

~Roles: Photographer

ee493-1543946721595Taslan Graham is a very reserved individual from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. It wasn’t long before he developed an interest in video production area. Taslan started making films and short videos using a 2 megapixel smartphone in his younger days. This created some popularity in his community as a videographer and soon he was shooting music videos. He loves helping others to express themselves through videography and photography. His personal motto then, and still is “For things to change, you have to change” –Jim Rohn.

~Roles: Editor, Software Developer